Popular children’s poems revisited Tin ngày: 11/01/2017 11:36

A new illustrated version of a popular 1968 children’s poetry book, entitled Goc San Và Khoang Troi (The Yard Corner and Sky Interval), will be released in Hanoi on January 16.

Vietnam's digital economy to reach US$14 billion this year Tin ngày: 21/11/2020 15:57

Vietnam's digital economy is expected to reach US$14 billion in 2020, a year-on-year increase of 16%, and will likely reach US$52 billion in 2025, re-accelerating to nearly 29% in compound annual growth rate, according to a report from Google, Temasek and Bain & Company.

Half of seas, islands to be surveyed by 2030 Tin ngày: 09/01/2020 20:27

At least half of Vietnam’s seas and islands will be surveyed and evaluated in terms of natural resources, and marine and island environment by 2030, at a scale of 1:500,000.

Communication project on sea, island sovereignty approved Tin ngày: 31/07/2018 17:07

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has recently approved a project  to raise public awareness of safeguarding sovereignty and sustainable development of Vietnam’s seas and islands. 

Sea turtle safety awareness plan to launch in 2018 Tin ngày: 29/12/2017 15:02

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) plans to launch a communication campaign to promote the non-use of plastic bags as a prelude to its sea turtle conservation programme on Ly Son Island in 2018.

Vietnam, China to conduct joint patrol in Tonkin Gulf Tin ngày: 02/12/2017 19:35

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army Navy and the Vietnam People’s Navy will conduct a joint patrol in the Gulf of Tonkin in December, announced spokesperson of the National Defence Ministry of China Wu Qian.

Vietnam works to stop fishermen violating other countries’ EEZ Tin ngày: 02/06/2017 08:13

PSNews-On May 30, Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung chaired a meeting at the Government Headquarters to review the implementation of the Prime Minister's Directive on prevention, mitigation and halt of Vietnamese fishermen exploiting maritime resources in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) of other nations.

Blue is the coolest color: Where to find Vietnam’s most gorgeous water Tin ngày: 14/04/2017 15:45

Time magazine has picked 13 places around the world with the bluest water, including this island in southern Vietnam.

Tourists to Da Nang by sea up 30% Tin ngày: 08/03/2017 20:44

The number of tourists visiting Da Nang city by sea has increased 30 percent since the beginning of this year.

Wary of Trump unpredictability, China ramps up naval abilities Tin ngày: 26/02/2017 21:06

The PLA Navy is likely to secure significant new funding in China's upcoming defense budget as Beijing seeks to check U.S. dominance of the high seas and step up its own projection of power around the globe.

Da Nang set to achieve robust maritime economic growth Tin ngày: 29/01/2017 08:12

The central coastal city of Da Nang has issued a planning for the economic development of sea and island areas to 2020 with the aim to optimise the locality’s strength and potential to create socio-economic development breakthroughs.

Nhóm hacker Đội quân điện tử Syria lộ mặt Tin ngày: 30/03/2016 07:45

Trong nhiều năm qua, nhóm hacker nổi tiếng Đội quân Điện tử Syria (SEA) đã thực hiện rất nhiều vụ tấn công tống tiền nhằm vào các trang web cũng như tài khoản Twitter của cộng đồng truyền thông phương Tây, những người chống đối chính quyền Tổng thống Bashar al-Assad và các nhà hoạt động ở trong và ngoài biên giới Syria.

Live blood bank protects soldiers, citizens at sea Tin ngày: 30/04/2017 07:24

Imagine having your left foot almost cut off while on a boat out at sea. Imagine the pain and hopelessness of the situation.

Origin of strange-colored water in Hue’s sea identified Tin ngày: 02/04/2017 11:15

PSNews-The results of monitoring and analyzing seawater along Thua Thien Hue province’s coastal area by the provincial authorities show that the phenomenon of yellow water in Chan May port area, Loc Vinh commune, Phu Loc district, has resulted from the development of algae species, called Gonyaulax polygramma.

Secluded island paradise of Mong Tay Tin ngày: 28/02/2017 09:19

Mong Tay Island is part of the Maldives of Vietnam and offers the opportunity of a holiday on a real desert island in one of the most remote uninhabited tropical places on the planet.

9 tonnes of oil cleaned from Quang Nam beaches Tin ngày: 22/02/2017 16:11

PSNews-Local function forces have cleaned up the sea and beaches, collecting and moving away some 9 tonnes of wastes and clotted oil pushed ashore by waves to the coastline of Nui Thanh district, Quang Nam province, said Tran Van Anh, Director of the provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

Filipino fishermen rescued in Phu Yen Tin ngày: 10/01/2017 14:35

Two Philippine nationals were rescued at sea and brought ashore at Dong Tac fishing port in the south central coastal province of Phu Yen on January 9.

Vietnam’s notorious internet cable leaves surfers adrift at sea Tin ngày: 09/01/2017 13:59

Meanwhile, another cable fired up early this year to boost Vietnam's internet speed has been experiencing issues too.

Vietnam attends fifth sea festival in Cambodia Tin ngày: 26/12/2016 14:55

Vietnam along with Thailand, China, India and Indonesia, participated in the fifth sea festival 2016 in Cambodia from December 23-25.

Quang Ngai border guards receive saved Filipino fisherman Tin ngày: 12/12/2016 14:04

A Philippine national has been saved and delivered to the border guard in the central province of Quang Ngai after his boat sunk at sea.